Yvonne Seidel


Yvonne Seidel was born in a remote part of South Germany

in 1972. She studied Photography and Graphic Design, Art

History and Rhetorics at the University of Tuebingen, the

Pforzheim University School of Design, at École Estienne

in Paris and the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design.

She graduated in 2004.

Her focus in documentary photography is on portraits,

stories and aerial pictures.

She has worked in different parts of Europe, Africa, Asia,

North America and in the Middle East, espeacially in Israel,

where she spent three months in 2008 with a grant of VG


Her work has been published in Stern, Zeit Magazin, SZ-

Magazin, chrismon, neon, 11 Freunde, RUND, Der Fein-

schmecker, Capital, Vanity Fair, Kulturaustausch, air and


She has exhibited all over Germany and was on display at

several renowned photo festivals. She won the Documentary-

Photography-Prize of the Wuestenrot-Foundation in 2005/06

and received a DAAD scholarship in 2007. In 2009 her series

 „Aerial Views“ was awarded 3rd prize in landscape category

of the World Photography Awards.

Yvonne Seidel is member of several professional photography


She teaches Photography at the University of Applied Sciences

in Nuremberg, Germany. She is based in Stuttgart and Nurem-

berg, Germany while she travels around the world.